About Lizabeth

Lizabeth’s Project Management & Strategic Management Consultancy

Lizabeth is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and respected professional with expertise developing and reviewing programs, Lean Six Sigma process imrovement, strategy and resource allocation.   She is an also an expert in coalition building; relationship management and strategic alliance identification. She facilitates the building of diverse relationships within the health and business communities, as well as with Members of Congress and their staff, trade associations, advocacy groups and other key opinion leaders.

For more detailed information or a copy of Lizabeth’s resume, please contact her at lweselycasella@aol.com.

Lizabeth’s Advocacy Work

Fattitude - Laughing

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is a weight stigma prevention advocate and a binge eating disorder (BED) expert. She works in Washington, DC as a coalition builder and speaker addressing the impact of size discrimination on communities and industry and the profound effect that weightism has on individuals with eating disorders, especially BED.

As a speaker, Lizabeth blends science, humor, and cultural wisdom to engage her audience, creating a clear understanding of the disconnect between health and body shape and underscoring that shape and size do not reflect personal value or character.  She also connects the dots between weight discrimination as a civil rights issue and the negative consequences to our economy, education, and workforce.

Lizabeth’s advocacy has afforded her opportunities to speak in the Senate, on film, and in radio. Her advocacy work has positively influenced program design from college campuses to the White House including the Let’s Move! initiative.

Lizabeth lives in Washington, DC with her husband David and her dogs Pumpkin and Tigger.

Taking a body confidence break with Noodle.
Taking a body confidence break with Noodle.




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